The first wedding who borrows, and then RETURNS the scissors they borrow,  is going to get a prize! ;-)

Thank goodness, Costco sells 12 packs, but please do me a favor and put PACK SCISSORS on your wedding day SUPPLIES list!  ;-)

Tape guns, bobby pins, many long lighters for your sparkler exit, safety pins, glue… think it all through and pack thoughtfully.

We’re always happy to collaborate and happy to meet and work with your 3rd party vendors!


This may also be a good time to remind you to share with your vendors that we respectfully request that they come to your event prepared to execute their service(s) without the assistance, time or equipment of the Delfosse Vineyard staff.

Delfosse staff already has a full schedule of work and assigned tasks on the day of your event.

Every time a third party vendor asks a staff member for a step-ladder, extension cord, battery or other pieces of equipment, they must stop what they are doing to go locate that item, which interrupts the progress of their assigned task.

Often, just due to the busy atmosphere of the day, these loaned items are inadvertently packed up and not returned to us. This is both inexpensive and inconvenient and means we do not have the equipment we need when we need it, not to mention the time and money it takes to re-purchase that item.

We also cannot provide WORKSPACE for your vendors.

Our cold storage area is a BONDED warehouse area and no one except Delfosse employees are permitted inside.

Please let them your vendors know that whatever product or service they are providing for you needs to be delivered in a condition ready for service. We are not able to accommodate vendors who arrive with a bulk of raw materials and need space to decorate cakes, assemble floral designs, build centerpieces, create signage or sort and organize décor items.

Each week, we enjoy meeting a variety of wonderful wedding vendors with whom we are happy to work together with on your event.

We are always happy to answer any questions BEFORE your event so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability, which includes them providing their own supplies and their own staff assistants if needed.

Thank you for helping us ensure that your event is executed in an organized and on-time format!