What’s the maximum number of guests you can accommodate?2018-12-28T11:59:29-05:00

We can accommodate up to 250 seated and 300 standing.

Is there a space for me to get ready?2018-12-28T11:59:52-05:00

Yes – and it is gorgeous! Included in the venue fee is Day Of use of our exquisite, historic 1870 Chestnut Log Cabin which was restored in meticulous detail in 2005 to include modern amenities such as a full bath and kitchen. The Log Cabin provides space for the bride and her attendants (or the groom and his groomsmen) to get ready and in addition provides a gorgeous back drop for photos. Enjoy the beautiful views from the large wrap-around porch or have lunch on the flagstone patio overlooking the vineyard.

Use of the Log Cabin is included in the venue fee for the day, but what if we want to spend the night there?2018-12-28T12:00:19-05:00

If you would like to enjoy the Log Cabin overnight, the rate for wedding couples is $225 plus local and state taxes. Check in is at noon and check out is at 10 am.

Are tables, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided, or can I rent them myself?2018-12-28T12:32:43-05:00

Six foot round banquet tables (seats 10 to 12) and Chiavari chairs with cushion, and their set up, are included as part of your venue fee for your reception. White china, silverware and glassware is available to you at a cost of $7 per guest, or you may rent your place settings and glassware from a third party vendor. Our place setting rental includes the following: white china plates dinner plates, water glasses, tea/lemonade glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, rocks glasses, highball glasses, coffee mugs, salad plates, dinner plates, cake plates, dinner forks, knives, spoons, and salad/dessert forks.

What about linens?2018-12-28T12:03:01-05:00

You may rent linens or bring and set-up your own. Some couples buy their linens, some couples choose to rent. Please see our vendor list for some suggestions. Whether you rent or buy, your linens must arrive in a condition ready to be put on the table.

Do you do all the catering?2018-12-28T12:03:18-05:00

Yes, with the exception of your wedding cake.

What type of meal service is available?2018-12-28T12:03:33-05:00

Cocktail party reception-style, plated, family-style, buffet or station.

What times are available for the ceremony?2018-12-28T12:03:52-05:00

Any time after 5 pm (when we close) for exclusive use of the vineyard.

Can we order a reception meal which is not on your set menu?2018-12-28T12:04:07-05:00

Yes, absolutely.

Who is responsible for clean-up after the event?2018-12-28T12:04:22-05:00

Clean up and trash removal services are included in your venue fee.

Can we bring in our own alcohol?2018-12-28T12:53:45-05:00

Wine, of course, must be purchased from the Vineyard. There is a minimum purchase of 3 cases of wine. With an easy-to-get Banquet License from Virginia ABC, you can purchase and bring to your event your own selection of beer and other distilled spirits of your choosing. This license is issued to individuals (representing themselves or a group/company) for private events where alcohol is provided at no charge to guests (also known as a “one-day” license.) The application is online. The VA ABC charges $55 for this license.

We charge a one-time, all inclusive fee of $200 for our staff to set up and serve the beer you purchase and bring to your event. If you wish to bring in your own distilled spirits to have mixed drinks and specialty cocktails at you event, the service of an additional bartender is required.

Speaking of alcohol: Host Liquor Liability is a key wedding insurance coverage, providing protection against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest, who was served alcohol at an event you hosted. Your wedding is a private event hosted by you. You must have Host Liquor Liability coverage as part of the Liability Insurance for the day of your event. Many companies offer this type of insurance. It can be done online quickly and is inexpensive. You must show a Certificate of Insurance where the event site is listed as an Additional Insured. We require this insurance for your event.

We do not recommend any particular company, but offer these links as a helpful resource and starting point to make your selection as to which company can best offer you protection. Your own insurance company or insurance agent may also be a good resource for you.


Is there a payment schedule?2018-12-28T12:11:19-05:00

Yes. Your wedding is a beautiful and incredibly special day in your life! It is also a financial transaction of significance and we do have to have some parameters around that including payment deadlines. The payment schedule is outlined in your contract. Please review the payment schedule and payment due dates. Payment: Your date is not officially reserved until you sign a contract and give a deposit of 50% of the venue fee. Guarantees of wedding dates are made final by the receipt of a signed contract and a non-refundable payment of deposit of half the venue fee. In the absence of both a signed contract and a deposit, dates remain open and available and can be booked by another couple.

Is there a staff/gratuity/service charge?2018-12-28T12:11:57-05:00

Yes, there is a service charge of 18% of the food and beverage bill which goes directly to the staff as a gratuity.

Can we do a food tasting prior to finalizing our menu selection? If so, is there an additional charge?2018-12-28T12:12:26-05:00

We offer a Menu Tasting at least every quarter – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The menu tasting is a way for you to be assured of the food quality and preparation and also to let you try some items from our menu you may consider enjoying at your wedding! The tasting menu is selected by our chef and it will include a range of items including beef, chicken, fish, pasta and vegetarian options. The purpose of the Menu Tasting is to assure you of food quality and preparation, much the same way that if you have a good meal at a restaurant, you will feel confident that your next meal there will be good, too, even if you order something different than what you tried the first time. It’s never too far in advance to do your menu tasting and because catering cost is a significant line item in your wedding budget, making your selections early is a great help to your overall planning. Please select your date as soon as possible. The Menu Tasting is complimentary to our wedding couples. Also included for our couples is a complimentary wine tasting to help you select the wines for your event. With 2 weeks of advance notice, additional guests may attend at $35 per guest for the menu tasting and $10 for the wine tasting.

How many hours do you allow a party to be here?2018-12-28T12:12:45-05:00

You have access to the property for set-up and preparation at various times listed below. In terms of the actual event itself, a five-hour wedding is pretty standard—half-hour ceremony, cocktail hour, 60 to 90 minutes for dinner, and two and a half hours for dancing and the remaining activities of the reception. Some go longer. Most of our weddings end by 11:00 because they start at 5 or 5:30. Regardless of your start time, your event must be over, and guest have departed, not later than 11:59 pm.

Is there an overtime fee if I stay longer?2018-12-28T12:13:03-05:00

Yes, after midnight, space rental is billed at $500 per hour.

Is it possible to start the setup the day before?2018-12-28T12:13:18-05:00

No. However, deliveries can be made up 3 days before your event as long as those things do not require refrigeration and can be safely stored inside our cold storage facility which has an average temperature of 58 to 60 degrees. Advance delivery of items can be done any time the week before your wedding from 11 am to 5 pm Wednesday through Sunday. On the day of your wedding, deliveries can be made any time after 9 am. Please note that both VA ABC laws and insurance restrictions limit access to our cold storage area which is a controlled warehouse location. Prepared and ready-to-go items such as floral arrangements, table arrangements or desserts may be dropped off and stored until event time. Third party vendors do not have access to that space as set-up or prep area.

What time can my vendors start setting up on the day of the wedding?2018-12-28T12:13:51-05:00

At the Log cabin: Noon
At the farmhouse, if rented separately: Noon
Up on top of the hill if chosen as your ceremony site: 2:00
Under the tent: 4:00
Inside the Tasting Room: 5:00

Are we allowed to bring in decorations?2018-12-28T12:14:07-05:00

Yes. Wedding couples are responsible for their own event décor and décor set up. You can bring any decorations you like and do any kind of décor that fits your aesthetic, as long as nothing is affixed in such a way as to cause damage to any wall or surface in the tasting room, cabin, farmhouse, tent or other property of the vineyard. Some couples have their florist help with set up, some do it themselves, and some assign family members or friends to handle the decoration of the reception area. If it belongs to us and it stays here, we set it up and clean it up as part of your venue fee. If it belongs to you and you are taking it home, you are responsible for setting it up and removing it at the end of your event.

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?2018-12-28T12:14:25-05:00

You can move things around within reason.

Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions?2018-12-28T12:14:40-05:00

No, as long as you do not damage any vineyard surfaces or property.

Can I use real candles?2018-12-28T12:24:19-05:00

Yes, under 6 inches in length as long as they are inside some kind of fire-safe container. he issue of candles is 100% about safety, of course. We want you to have the décor you want and we know how gorgeous candlelight makes things. You can have and do what you want to do, as long as everything is in a safe and flame proof container.

Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down the decor, and when will it be completed?2018-12-28T12:15:18-05:00

You or whomever you have designated or hired is responsible for the set up and tear down of your event décor. Décor must be removed by 11:59 pm. Our staff cleans the venue space after your event and to do that efficiently, they need your decorations removed. As a convenience to you, we can let you store your decorations here and you can pick them up the next day or in the week flowing your wedding. A good way to remember who is responsible for set up and clean up of items is this: If it belongs to us and it stays here, we set it up and clean it up as part of your venue fee. If it belongs to you and you are taking it home, you are responsible for setting it up and removing it at the end of your event.

Does the venue provide assistance getting gifts or décor back to a designated car, hotel room, etc. after the event has concluded?2018-12-28T12:15:35-05:00


What about sound equipment for a DJ, band or musician?2018-12-28T12:31:02-05:00

We have electrical outlets for your band or DJ to use during the event, but not sound equipment. Bands and DJs have their own equipment and prefer to use their own. We have had bands as large as 14 members! The stage is 12 feet deep and 38 feet long. While there is no “dressing room” per se, the equipment room, albeit it very rustic and not in the least bit glamorous, does provide a handy space for the band to store their stuff, change clothes if needed and sit in private peace and quiet for a break! We have several plugs out on the porch, and we also have a portable electrical break box, so not to worry. If your band would like to call and speak with Mike or Kyle directly, or if they would like tom stop by in person and take a look, they are welcome to.

Our phone number is 434-322-3270.

We do not have WIFI. Please let your DJ know that streaming music is not possible.

Are there any areas we won’t have access to?2018-12-28T12:16:10-05:00

The property is closed to the public during your event and you have access to the Log Cabin, the Tasting Room and the tented pavilion. The 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom farmhouse is available for rent for $695, plus tax for the day of and overnight on your event night. For their safety and to comply with health codes, no one except for Delfosse employees are permitted in the cold storage area, equipment room, the kitchen, or any areas where wine is processed. Rental of the Log Cabin and/or Farmhouse is for the purpose of providing wedding parties a convenient place to get ready for their wedding, relax and have some privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparation. Many couple arrange for a mid-day or late afternoon meal at the farmhouse or Log Cabin for the wedding party, family members or friends. We offer a cheese, fruit and sandwich platter, with wine, sparking wine, sangria and a selection of bottled water and soft drinks, if ordered in advance. Overnight occupancy of the Log Cabin is 2 people. Overnight occupancy of the Farmhouse is 8 people. Parties, except those arranged as part of your event contract, are not permitted at either location. Having the farmhouse at your disposal is an excellent use of your wedding funds and helps make the day easier, not to mention it is a charming back drop for photos. A special note about the Log Cabin and the Farmhouse: We are committed to the care and preservation of these two very important and beloved historic structures, both of which are very special to us here at the Vineyard. Built before the days of indoor bathrooms, both now have modern, but fragile, plumbing. THEREFORE, neither structure is approved for or capable of use beyond their stated capacities. We reiterate and if you rent the Log Cabin or the Farmhouse you agree: Overnight occupancy of the Log Cabin is 2 people. Overnight occupancy of the Farmhouse is 8 people. Parties, except those arranged as part of your event contract, are not permitted at either location. COCKTAIL HOUR at the Cabin is restricted to the porch, patio and surrounding grassy areas. The interior of the cabin is not allowed for use during your cocktail reception. Due to the additional labor and staffing involved in transporting food and beverage set up to the Log Cabin, cocktail receptions at the Log Cabin have a $350 set up fee in addition to food and beverage costs. COCKTAIL HOUR at the Cabin requires the rental of a portable bathroom, both for your guests’ convenience and comfort, and for the preservation of the Log Cabin. Local companies can provide, at very minimal costs, a clean, nice and well-equipped bathroom for your guests. Most couples choose to have their cocktail hour by the pond or in the Tasting Room.

Will our guests have to pay to park?2018-12-28T12:16:26-05:00

No. We have plenty of on-site parking, including the lower field, if needed.

Are the facility and bathrooms handicapped accessible?2018-12-28T12:16:42-05:00

Guests who need accommodations can park on the flat concrete pad near the Tasting Room door to avoid walking from the parking area. Please make these arrangements with us in advance so we can mark off that area as reserved for them by name so no one else parks there. The bathrooms are handicapped accessible.

Can we choose the vendors, or do you work exclusively with a certain set?2018-12-28T12:17:03-05:00

Although we do provide you with a list as a guideline to be helpful, we encourage you to do your own research into and interviews with area vendors to find the right one for your event.

Can I bring in a cake from an outside cake maker or must I use a cake made on the premises? Is there a cake-cutting fee?2018-12-28T12:17:19-05:00

Yes, your wedding cake is something you will choose and bring in from an off property vendor. We provide cake cutting at no charge. Please note that: To comply with health codes and insurance restrictions, outside vendors are not permitted in the equipment room, the kitchen, any areas where wine is processed, or the cold storage area. Please let your vendors know that items such as cakes, flowers and decorations must arrive in ready-to-go condition, as we cannot provide workspace for them.

Is there a Day-of Coordinator?2018-12-28T12:17:33-05:00

Yes, if you elect this option, there will be someone from our staff on the day of your wedding to make sure all the little details fall into place. A “day of” coordinator is your go-to person to keep things running smoothly and on time, to be a resource for any questions, to help when needed and most importantly to assist immediately should anything go awry while you’re enjoying your celebration. We recommend highly that you add this important service to your over-all budget. The dedicated service of your “Day of” coordinator is $750 and also includes at no additional charge their oversight and direction of your wedding rehearsal should you decide you want to do a walk-through of the service in advance.

What time is the rehearsal and when is that confirmed?2018-12-28T12:17:50-05:00

Most rehearsals take place the week preceding the wedding and need to be coordinated with the vineyard staff. We do have a number of Friday and Sunday weddings. Rehearsals often take place the night before, although you can do it anytime, really, that is convenient for you as long as it does not take place during the time-slots reserved by other wedding parties, which in the case of Sunday weddings is often the case since there is a wedding here almost every Saturday.

What’s the backup plan?2018-12-28T12:18:05-05:00

In the case of inclement weather, the ceremony will be moved inside the Tasting Room or you can rent an additional tent for the hilltop. Renting a tent for the hilltop works very well and many of our couples have done just that. It’s lovely. The main Sperry Sail reception tent has optional side walls available for rental, if needed.

Are the detachable walls on the tent available for use now, without prior rental in case of rain?2018-12-28T12:22:10-05:00

The walls are a separate option through Skyline Tent Company (our tent provider). Other options available through Skyline Tent Company are climate control and additional lighting.  We have an exclusive agreement with Skyline Tent Company and can help you coordinate with them. You may contact Skyline Tent online or by calling 434-977-8368. Please check directly with the vendor for your options. This is also something that your Day of Coordinator could assist with. Reservations for sidewall rentals MUST be made with Skyline no later than 3 days in advance.

Weather Contingencies and the Tent
Choosing an outdoor venue is a gorgeous option, especially at a vineyard! How beautiful! But it also carries some risk because none of us can predict the weather with 100% certainty. There are, of course, many great options to keep bad weather from impacting your day – – from side walls to heaters to air conditioning units! Naturally, you don’t want to spend money on something you end up not using, but you also don’t want to be unprepared. Since those options are provided to you by an outside vendor, not by us, we provide on our vendor list all the information you need to get specifics directly from them. Just something to keep in mind: Skyline Tent needs at least three days to confirm and reserve necessary equipment to insure timely delivery.

Skyline Tent Company
(434) 977-8368 office

There are several tent companies, but we have an exclusive agreement with Skyline; therefore we cannot contract with other tent companies. If you elect to use another tent company at the Log Cabin or elsewhere on the property, you are free to do so, but those arrangements must be made by you.

Are there restrictions for the photographer?2018-12-28T12:22:24-05:00

Only the ones that are normally expected in terms of safety and plain common sense. Please no poses in perilous positions or that require any climbing, balancing or standing on surfaces not meant for that purpose.

Cancellation/Postponement Insurance?2018-12-28T12:23:05-05:00

This is completely up to you. We do not require this, but recommend you look into it and see if it’s something you in case of unpredictable illness, inclement weather, no-show vendors, damage to gifts or to the bride’s dress, etc. This is NOT the same as Liability insurance, which is required.

Do you have a preferred order of service (when and where do we cut the cake)?2018-12-28T12:24:35-05:00

You may have any format you like. The order of your event and the timing of your event activities is part of the timeline planning you (or your wedding planner) do.

Do we need to rent a dance floor?2018-12-28T12:24:58-05:00

No, there is no need to rent a separate dance floor now that we are installing that gorgeous distressed wood floor every April, unless for some reason you want one.

What is the size and shape and material of the tables for the reception? How many do they seat?2018-12-28T12:25:18-05:00

The tables are 6 foot round (72 inch) round wood banquet tables with a clear coated finished top. They seat 10 comfortably and up to 12 if you desire.

What hours do we have use of the Log Cabin (Sunday weddings)2018-12-28T12:26:44-05:00

Check in times vary depending on the other events scheduled that weekend. In general, check in is at NOON and check out is at 10 am.

What about flower and table setup, setup of flowers attached to ceremony chairs, movement of a garland from the arbor at the ceremony to a table at the reception?2018-12-28T12:27:02-05:00

Attaching flowers to the wedding ceremony seating or setting up floral arrangements on the hill for the ceremony or in the reception area is the responsibility of the event hosts. The reception table and chair set up is done by vineyard staff and is included in your venue fee. Unless you have chosen and rented other china, our staff will also set the table using our white china place settings and using the linens you provide. Plates, silverware and glassware are rented to you at a cost of $7 per guest. Setting the table and napkin folding, is included in your venue fee. Flowers and décor: Some couples have their florist decorate the arbor and place flower arrangements or centerpieces on the tables. Some couples elect to assign a family member or friend to handle decor. If your reception table center pieces are a SINGLE unit, our staff can place them on the tables for you when the tables are being set. Staff cannot assemble flower arrangements, however; they must be prepared and ready to be set on the tables. To comply with health codes and insurance restrictions, outside vendors are not permitted in the equipment room, the kitchen, any areas where wine is processed, or the cold storage area. Please let your vendors know that items such as cakes, flowers and decorations must arrive in ready-to-go condition, as we cannot provide workspace for them.

What does the wedding arch/arbor look like that we can use for the ceremony? Who sets that up?2018-12-28T12:29:00-05:00

Pictures of the arch are available in our photo gallery on the website. The arch is 7 and ½ feet tall, 7 feet wide and 2 feet deep. You may rent the wedding arch for $200 or provide your own hilltop set-up. You may decorate it any way you like as long as it does not permanently alter it in any way. (For instance, you may not paint it.)

Would the vineyard be ok with sparklers and/or fly-away wish lanterns?2018-12-28T12:29:42-05:00

Lots of couples use sparklers and it’s ok as long as you are OUTSIDE of the tent. The agreement we have with the tent company specifies that we cannot have sparklers INSIDE/under the tent. In terms of fly-away wish lanterns, no. A huge chunk of Amherst and Nelson Counties just suffered devastating damage due to out of control forest fires, so we’re all a little afraid of anything with fire floating off into the air.

Can my dog be part of the ceremony?2018-12-28T12:32:05-05:00

YES!! You are welcome to include your pet (cats welcome, too) at your ceremony and/or reception with the understanding that you are fully and completely responsible for them and liable for their behavior. You or someone from your wedding party must be responsible for picking up after your pet; that is not something a staff member can be asked to do. We love all animals and we have always been very pet friendly. Due to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) law, pets must remain outside the tasting room at all times.

Some of you requested some more information and clarification regarding insurance. Please note: Wedding insurance and Special Event General Liability Insurance (including Host Liquor Liability coverage) are different. Whether you get wedding insurance is up to you. We do not require wedding insurance.

We do require Special Event General Liability Insurance (including Host Liquor Liability coverage) and we must be listed as an Additional Insured.

My venue has asked for a certificate of insurance with them added as an Additional Insured. What does this mean and how do I add them?2018-12-28T12:38:15-05:00

You, the special event holder, will most likely be required to provide proof of liability insurance to the facility/venue where you have decided to hold your special event. In addition to providing proof (in the form of a piece of paper known as a Certificate of Insurance) to the facility/venue that you have secured a liability insurance policy, you may also be required to add the facility/venue to this required liability insurance policy as an insured. This is known as adding the facility/venue as an Additional Insured to this liability insurance policy, which the facility/venue requires you to purchase before you will be allowed to hold your special event. The practice of a facility/venue requiring that all persons or entities renting or using the site name them as an Additional Insured on a General Liability insurance policy is quite common. It is so common, in fact, that the required Additional Insured wording or language is generally contained within the Insurance Requirement section of the Facility Rental Agreement or Facility Use Agreement.

What is an Event Holder?

The person, organization or company responsible for the organization and promotion of the special event and typically the signer of the rental facility use agreement.

What is Host Liquor Liability?

Host Liquor Liability Insurance is included with all of our policies and provides protection for the event holder/concessionaire against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted.

What is Special Event General Liability Insurance?

Special Event Liability Insurance (also referred to as CGL, Commercial General Liability or Spectator Liability) is an insurance policy designed to provide broad protection for situations in which an event holder must defend itself against lawsuits or pay damages for bodily injury or property damage to third parties. Host liquor liability is included if there is no transfer of money for alcohol.

Who is protected under a Special Event General Liability Insurance policy?

The policy protects the person or business/organization under whose name it was purchased (the “Named Insured”). Your facility and any vendors for your event can also be added as Additional Insureds.

Does the policy cover alcohol-related accidents?

Your policy includes Host Liquor Liability to protect against alcohol-related accidents. Liquor liability is an option that can be purchased for an additional premium for covered events that sell and profit from alcohol sales.

How far in advance must I purchase a Special Event General Liability Policy for my event to be covered?

A Special Event General Liability Policy must be purchased at least 1 week before your event starts. It can be purchased up to 1 year in advance of the event date.

Happy Couples

“Adrienne and Kyle made our wedding elopement memorable and fun. Upon arrival we were treated like family and welcomed warmly. We will return to stay at the cabin and to enjoy the tranquil beauty of DelFosse, a place that allows one to slow down, appreciate and reset. What a special place!”

-Bonnie L.

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