formal-dinner-delfosseFor most couples, the price of catering a wedding is daunting with average costs ranging from $75-$200 or more per person!

4 Reasons to Be Happy That Your Venue Comes with In-House Catering

1.) Freshness, Quality, and Choice: The food prepared in-house, on-site is fresh. And by “fresh” we mean “food that has just been prepared”. No matter how amazing an outside catering service may be, working with them automatically means that your food will go through the “transportation process.” This can alter both the appearance and the quality of the food – and it will never be as fresh as anything that is prepared in-house. Choice: You may think that having an in-house caterer means limiting your cuisine choices, but that’s not true! Our chef is willing to tweak your menu any way that you would like.

2.) Experience: Your in-house caterer knows the venue. They know the location, the space, the staff, and flow of your reception location. They have experience working in the kitchen and have catered events just like yours many, many times. They are familiar with where to go when they need something and who to ask for it. They know exactly when each course should start and end so they can plan to start plating and serving different courses accordingly. This ensures everything will run smoothly and on time. Bringing in an outside caterer might sound appealing, but in-house and exclusive caterers know the ropes. The catering director will ensure that there are enough people on staff to serve your guests at all times.

3.) Budget: It’s cost-friendly! Yes, you read that right. Working with your venue’s in-house catering service can actually be less expensive than working with most outside caterers. Depending on your food choices, it’s often the same as or less than an outside caterer, not more. Discuss your budget with us and we will work with you to meet those goals.

4.) Liability: In-house caterers are fully insured at the venue. When thinking about hiring an off-site caterer, this is one cost that might not have crossed your mind. Often, outside catering directors or managers are not working at your event, in case something goes awry. An in-house catering chef and staff are familiar with all of the safety techniques behind serving food at their own venue and they will ensure that your event is up to not just well-prepared, but flows seamlessly.

Like every bride, you want your wedding to be unforgettable – and not just for you, but for your wedding guests as well. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with the final result!

Can we tweak your standard menu based on our flavor preferences?

Can we mix-and-match proteins and sides?

Are there alternative menus items we can choose from? How do the prices differ from your standard menu?
Yes! Are you interested in a gluten free menu? A menu based on vegan options? A menu that focuses on a specific theme? Yes, we can work with you to create that! The cost is determined by the cost of ingredients and the labor involved in creating the dish. There is no additional charge for customization.

Can the chef use or recreate a family recipe for us?

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are happy to help you in any way!

Warmest Regards,
The Delfosse Staff